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The books in this caterory are all pre-loved and looking for a new home. Because they are used they may have slight marks,margin notes, foxing or other imperfections this is reflected in their price.

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100 Magic Prayers Alfred Palma
Never has prayer been easier, prayer guide reveals: 100 magic prayers composed by mystic poet-auth..
20 Powerful Voodoo Rituals For Fast Cash And Riches Marcus T Bottomley
“20 powerful voodoo rites for fast cash & riches” Can solve all your money worries, claims occ..
7 Lessons On The Attainment Of Mystic Power William Alexander Oribello
Mr oribello’s 7 lessons have helped people from all over the world. Why pay hundred of pounds/dol..
Ancient Monuments Of Anglesey
A guide to Ancient Monuments Of Anglesey This book is pre-loved and therefore may have markings..
Aromatherapy A Guide For Home Use Cristine Westwood
An introductory guide to aromatherapy for the general public with easy to use reference section on..
Book Of Mirdad Mikhail Naimy
The Book of Mirdad, the timeless allegorical story which has touched the hearts of so many readers, ..
Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui	Karen Kingston
Feng Shui is the ancient oriental art of enhancing and harmonising the flow of energy in our surroun..
Dreams For The Cosmic Mind	Carl Nagel
For most of his life, author Carl Nagel had suffered from bronchitis, heavy colds, perennial sinus..
Face & The Message John Michelle
On 20th August 2001, a new crop formation was found in a field at Wherwell, a village near Andover, ..
Hidden Masters And The Unspeakable Evil Jack Barrow
Somebody wants to turn Blackpool into a seedy tacky and depraved town Has a dark presence from the o..
Instant Money Empowerment Maria Solomon
Attract wealth into your life! Gain financial security! Get the job that you want! Win at games of c..
Manifest Your Dreams Esther And Jerry Hicks
This information-packed little book, which presents the teachings of the nonphysical entity Abraham,..
Menopause and Estrogen Lynn Walker & Ellen Brown
One of the most hard-hitting menopause books in its critique of the way the medical establishment vi..
Miner To Medium	Geoff Edgerton Hutchinson
One mans journey from miner to medium This book is pre-loved and therefore may have markings, m..
Modern Herbal Spellbook	Anna Riva
The Modern Herbal Spellbook by Anna Riva is filled with simple, easy to do spells- the amulets, char..
Money Magick Patricia Telesco
Shows how magick can help us inspire prosperity, effective spells, charms, and chants to manifest ..
Money Wisdom Carolyn Temsi & Caro Stoughton
Working on the premise that money need not stand in the way of a happy and fulfilling life, the ..
New Age Money Spells Paul Summers
New age money spells turn your purse or wallet into a magick magnet for a constant flow of cash! Hav..
Pain Relief Breakthrough Julian Whitaker & Brenda Adderly
Explains how magnet therapy--along with stress management, nutrition, and exercise--can alleviate pa..
Powerful Protection Magic	Dr Gary Brodsky
Are you worried? Frightened? In pain? Pursued by enemies of both light and shadow? Are there lawye..

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