Anne Riva Powders

ANNA RIVA POWDERS The spiritual powders crafted by Ms. Anna Riva are legendary. They are skillfully prepared using only the finest ingredients. These powders are widely regarded as being among the most potent available today and are used in the simplest way. Put your finger into the powder and rub into the area of the body required or sprinkle the powder around the area you are working on. A cotton bud can be used to put the powder where you want it if it not being used for yourself.

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Black Devil Powder
Anna Riva's Black Devil is said to make impotent one who is unfaithful.Sprinkle a few drops of Black..
Devil Crossing Powder
Sprinkle Anna Riva Devil Crossing Powder in the path of the person you wish to banish from your life..
Get Away Powder
Sprinkle around the outside of the home at midnight for three consecutive nights to get rid of evil ..
Has No Hanna Powder
A popular legendary voodoo formula which brings luck in gambling of all kinds.   ..
Voodoo Powder
To appease any spirits who may be trying to interfere with your objectives, mix a bit with whichever..
War Powder
Sprinkled on your body or around the room, is said to overcome feelings of animosity in others. &..

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