CD Celtic Blessing Terry Oldfield

CD Celtic Blessing Terry Oldfield
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The angelic vocals of Imogen Moore bring to life the ancient language of the Celts, accompanied by the gentle calling of Terry’s flutes. This symphony of Celtic melodies creates a delicate atmosphere of enchanting peace. Celtic Blessing is a magical album that will enhance any music collection!

Terry Oldeld is a world-renowned artist whose profoundly inspiring music has touched the hearts of many. He is best known for his mastery of the ute and pan pipes. Terry’s unique ability to bring the spirit of nature into his compositions enhances the soulful and meditative journeys his music explores. From the birds of the rainforest to the whales in the ocean, he artfully weaves together nature’s music with his own.

Long known for his prolic work avored by dierent cultures, Terry is a master at composing music for every canvas of life. A two-time Emmy nominee, he has composed music for lm and television, as well as music to accompany yoga, meditation and the healing arts. He currently lives in Australia with his wife and partner in music, Soraya Saraswati. Together they travel, perform, and create beautiful recordings.

The greatest blessing of all is this very moment.” ~Zen poem

*Formerly titled Illumination: A Celtic Blessing*

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