Wall Plaque FREYA

Wall Plaque FREYA
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Freyja is said to be the most beautiful goddess in Norse mythology. According to Old Norse literature, this guardian goddess originated from Germanic mythology, is the goddess of love, fertility, and magic.

She also rules over battles and death and was the one who taught magic to the Aesir gods. 

Freyja is primarily the Norse goddess of love and fertility. She rides a chariot pulled by two cats and wears a cloak of falcon feathers and a gold and amber jeweled necklace known as the Brísingamen that is imbued with her power (like Thor’s hammer). She is often joined by the boar Hildisvini.

And, like Odin, she has deep connections to death and magic. In fact, Freya is known for teaching seidr  magic to Odin and the Aesr. (Seidr means “to bind” and is a shamanic form of Norse magic that involves seeing into the future and attempting to bring about change while in a trancelike state)


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