Tumble Atlantasite small

Tumble Atlantasite small
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Atlantasite will help you find inner peace. It will also stabilize your moods. It’s a wonderful meditation stone that will help you access and retrieve ancient information and wisdom about your past lives. Atlantasite is a powerful tool to open your way to the spirit. It will strengthen your feelings of love and compassion for others. It will induce a calming vibration in your life, and it will bring peace and tranquility to your environment. It’s also a helpful stone that will remove stagnant energies. It will increase your verve and stamina, and it will maintain or raise your energy levels. It’s a stone of prophecy that possesses a poignant healing ability. 

Atlantasite can help ease your stomach and kidney complaints. It can also relax menstrual pains and cramps.It can be an effective healing stone for the lungs and the heart. Atlantasite is known to be beneficial in diabetes or hypoglycemia. It can also promote the regeneration or the elasticity of the skin. It is effective when it comes to treating hernias, and it can help with metabolic functions. It’s also known to help ease muscle spasms. Atlantasite can help to end disputes.

Price Is For One Tumble

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