Online Meditations with Daisy

Online Meditations with Daisy
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Online Meditations with Daisy (30 minutes)

I have been meditating after beginning a Buddhist based practice with my uncle at the age of 12, using chanting and the practice of mindfulness. I have a degree in Crystal Reiki and am an Eastern Traditional Reiki Practitioner. My meditation practice has grown substantially over the past 6 years, from working with the chakras, to the power of manifestation through meditation and visualisation (this particularly resulting in much abundance in my life), to utilising the Schumann resonance to optimise connection to the Great Mother, the power of womb awareness meditation and emulating the inner feminine divine, and more recently working with ET connection and contact (though this is very early days).

I would like to offer a choice of one to one meditations for you to choose from. If you require any further guidance on which may be best for your specific wants and needs, feel free to contact me via email at

The power of one to one guided meditation means that we can cater to your exact needs, while also building beautiful and powerful energy together, and allowing for the free flow of feelings and emotions without the fear of feeling alone.

Sessions will be done through Skype, or if you have a preferred platform please let us know. My Skype will be sent out once payment has been received. E-mail or  BEFORE buying so we can arrange a mutually convenient time. Please state which form of meditation you would like when you book online.


All of these meditations will leave you feeling revitalised, fresh, present and cleansed. Allowing for clearer streams of consciousness and clarity in these uncertain times.

Earth connection:- utilising Schumann Resonance and the root chakra. Use to enhance grounding in these troubled times, connection to nature, the Great Mother and the universal energy in everything to enhance healing of all types.

Anxiety and stress relief meditation:-This can be done with or without chanting. Utilising visualisation and the 2x breath method (as taught through Nishkum Karma Meditation and Mindfulness). This process can be a rather heavy and emotional one, can result in tears and crying, but all necessary for the release of stress, however this is not something that is guaranteed to happen.


Chakra Enhancing:- Working through each chakra individually to strengthen these beautiful vortexes of our being.


Womb meditation:- Obviously for women only; can be done with or without chanting and or singing. This, in part utilising the earth connection meditation but is more focused on womb love and inner feminine strengthening, pushing energy up into the heart and releasing back around and out to our beautiful earth.


Mindfulness meditation and focusing on the 5 senses:- Helpful to enhance motivation, being present in the moment, and to allow the 6th sense to flourish. As to awaken the 6th sense, we must live in complete totality with our other 5 senses.

Hadra Reiki flow meditation:- The Hadra is the Eastern Traditional Reiki term for Root Chakra. A personal favourite mediation of mine, used to get the flow of universal energy of Reiki moving around the body, use to increase healing on physical and mental level, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised, a simple meditation with the least ‘verbal guidance’ as it were.

- A simple guided meditation based on the 2x breath, helps promote stillness and presence.

All can be amended to suit the individual needs.

I will end each session by picking an Angel Oracle card for you, please take this message and meditate on it if it resonates with you.

Contra-indications include:

⁃ Being under the influence of any recreational substances.

⁃ Being under the influence of any illegal drugs.

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