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Awen Alone Joanna van der Hoeven
Druidry is a wonderful, spiritually fulfilling life path. Through the magic that is Druidry, we buil..
Book Of Celtic Magic Kristoffer Hughes
Delve into the depths of a magical current that spans over three thousand years. The Book of Celtic ..
Cauldron Born Kristoffer Hughes
This exploration of the Welsh-Celtic myth of the prophet/poet Taliesin and the witch/goddess Cerridw..
Dancing With Nemetoma Joanna van der Hoeven
Nemetona is an ancient goddess whose song is heard deep within the earth and also deep within the hu..
Druid Mysteries Phillip Carr-Gomm
In this beautifully-written guide, Chief Druid Philip Carr-Gomm shows how the way of Druids can be f..
Druid's Herbal For The Sacred Earth Year Ellen Evert Hopman
For the ancient Druids, the healing and magical properties of herbs were inseparable from the larger..
Living Druidry Emma Restall Ore
In Living Druidry Emma Restall Orr opens the doorway to this powerful and ancient spirituality in a ..
Old Gods, New Druids Robin Herne
The universe is filled with countless gods, goddesses and nature spirits. Many made themselves known..
Zen Druidry Joanna van der Hoeven
Taking both Zen and Druidry and embracing them into your life can be a wonderful and ongoing process..

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