Cannabis gets a bad press, even though it has been a valued herbal medicine for thousands of years. It was widely used medicinally until the 20th century but pressure from pharmaceutical companies resulted in it being outlawed, despite its well-documented medicinal uses.

Recently there has been an increased awareness of the fact that not only is it less lethal than alcohol, tobacco and many other drugs, but that it has valuable medicinal properties and provides relief for acute or chronic symptoms not otherwise treatable with conventional, patented drugs.

Despite legislation to downgrade it to a category C drug (in the UK) it is still illegal to posses cannabis in most countries but there is, however, a legal alternative. Although Therapia’s 100% pure Hemp (Latin name: Cannabis sativa*) essential oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, it is not a controlled substance, offers many health enhancing benefits, is a truly holistic oil and works on both physical and emotional levels. It is also very low in the psychoactive compounds

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100% pure essential oil of Hemp (Cannabis sativa). ..
Containing pure essential oils of Hemp (Cannabis sativa), Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and Lemo..