Herbs D

Herbs D

HERBS…These can be used in mojo pouches and worn or carried. They are also frequently used in incense and mixed with resins like frankincense to burn on a charcoal disc. A special wash can be made using a variety of herbs mixed together then boiled in water and applied to doors, skirting boards, and window frames to protect the home from negativity or ill wishing. A useful book to help you choose your herbs is ‘Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs’ by Scott Cunningham. It lists hundreds of herbs and their magical uses as well as useful section of herbs that are ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ and an ‘at a glance’ section for specific use that list the herbs you can use.

Check our workshops page regularly to find out when we are next running a herbal incense workshop.

Please note that the herbs we sell are for magical use only and not for consumption or use in cosmetics or ointments.

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Damiana can be used in spells for love and can help bring visions. ..
Dandelion can be used to promote psychic powers. Used to summon spirits, make wishes on, healin..
Devils Claw Root can be worn for protection or placed near door ways,to protect against unwanted int..
Dittany Of Crete can be burned as an incense to help manifest spirits.  ..
Dragons blood can be used for both love and protection magic. Dragon’s blood is strongly associated ..
Goats rue can be used for protection against the evil eye. Whilst it is useful for diabetes..
Dammar gum can be burned to remove negativity and life depression. It is also used in healing and pr..
Dragons blood can be used for both love and protection magic. ..