God & Goddess Pendants

Most people wear pendant depicting their god or goddess as an act of devotion but they can be worn as a talisman for honouring or invoking your chosen deity.

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Beautiful charm showing the three aspects of the goddess.Measures Approx 1cm ..
The sterling silver Dancing Shiva Pendant depicts the image of the enlightened entity Nataraja, also..
Astra Goddess pendant made of bronzeMeasures Approx: 3.5 cm X 2.5cm ..
Pendant Galreadia Hecate Out Of Stock
This beautiful pendant depicts Hecate with all of her symbols: snake, dagger, torches with Austrian ..
A delicate pendant in Silver in the shape of the goddess with a moldavite stone in the centre ..
This sterling silver Pentagram Goddess pendant is a simple, clean line representation of the Goddess..
Silver pentagram pendant with goddess designMeasures Approx 2cm ..
Pendant Silver Hecate Out Of Stock
Hecate is the name of the ancient Greek Goddess of Transformation and Choice. She waits for us at th..
The goddess helps embrace feminine abilities, spirituality and magick. This symbol celebrates womens..