Crystal A-Z

Crystal A-Z

Crystals are well known to be used for healing but are also often used in Magickal spells and rituals too to repel and protect against negativity as well as for love spells right through to improving businesses.

Look through our crystal pages to choose the right ones needed for your particular requirements. If you need any assistance please feel free to e-mail us and we will do our best to advise you.

Please note that some of the crystals have natural flaws in them. These are completely natural and in no way affect the healing or magical properties of the crystal.

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This is a beautiful display piece that anyone who loves Amethyst would enjoy.Amethyst reduces br..
Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates as wheel or turning . Chakra is a concept referring to whe..
Creedite is a high energy stone that is known for its ability to attune one to higher spir..
PLACE PEACOCK ORE ANYWHERE IN YOUR HOME OR WORK PLACEThis stone of happiness and joy infuses pos..
Rhyolite is said to be a stone of solutions, change and progress.  It stimulates acceptanc..
Rhyolite is said to be a stone of solutions, change and progress.  It stimulates acceptanc..
Apophyllite facilitates and strengthens connection with the spiritual world and aids meditation. It ..
It also has the ability to restore the shine and luster of your nails and hair. The energies found i..
Ruby in Fuchsite is a lovely combination of natural red Ruby crystals embedded in pale to medium gre..
Brown aventurine gets its coloring from hematite and/or goethite. It provides grounding through conn..
Crackle Quartz comes in various colours.Crackle Quartz is quartz which has been superheated and ..