Although “hoodoo” and “voodoo” sound similar, their meaning is different and relates to how the practice is slightly altered. The main difference between these magic practices is that the voodoo is actually a religion followed by people, and hoodoo is considered folk magic - this is the simplest interpretations. However, both voodoo and hoodoo are expansively performed and have similar roots and elements in Africa. Voodoo and hoodoo are the final outcomes of mixed beliefs that cover parts of European religions, ancient worship, and some pagan traditions. As a religion, voodoo remains a structured foundation with grounded practices like religions leaders or representatives, religious services, teachings, and rituals. Hoodoo, on the other hand, is a folk magic that lacks organization and foundation. In voodoo, people call on the power of the lord with African gods, while the hoodoo believers invoke their lord by using Catholic saints or ancestors.

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