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Other Oils
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This oil, taken from the Book of Abra-Melin, which tells the story of an Egyptian Magician who taugh..
Bayberry can be used to attract money PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO NEW LEGISLATION WE ARE UN..
Benzoin Oil is a vanilla scented oil can that can increase personal power and more clearly awaken th..
This oil is used to destroy curses, hatred, resentment, envy and any evil intentions towards you or ..
A 100% essential oil blend combining the uplifting properties of Orange & Lemon oils, the comfor..
Wear this oil to become enchanting, bewitching and alluring. Use to invoke the powers of the Goddess..
Goddess Full Moon Love Essence Out Of Stock
Use this for empowerment and confidence by standing, breathe deeply and focus your intentions whilst..
Grapesed Oil can be used as a base to mix essential oils enabling you to use them on your skin.&..
Use Louisiana Hoodoo Oil to protect your relationship. Believed to bring your loved one closer so th..
Moldavite oil is a wonderful accent to your meditation, or when activating an advanced dream state. ..
An exotic 100% pure essential oil blend which combines the Relaxing, Calming and Soothing properties..
This ritual oil is a in workings of binding. It helps in situations calling for manipulation.Bot..
Saint Expeditus is the patron Saint of Fast Help. He is the perfect Saint to petition when you are i..
Storax is associated with Hecate, Goddess of witchcraft, and her magical arts. It can be used to inv..
Sweet Almond Oil can be used as a base to mix essential oils enabling you to use them on your skin. ..