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Other Oils
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Relax and unwind with Breathe Easy Essential Oil Blend. This beautiful essential blend..
This blend contains Clary Sage, Lemon and Lavender which helps relax the mind and body and..
Use this for empowerment and confidence by standing, breathe deeply and focus your intentions whilst..
Uses for the Abra-Melin oil consecrating magical tools, or for bindings, pacts, or communicating wit..
This oil is used to destroy curses, hatred, resentment, envy and any evil intentions towards you or ..
Wear this oil to become enchanting, bewitching and alluring. Use to invoke the powers of the Goddess..
Moldavite oil is a wonderful accent to your meditation, or when activating an advanced dream state. ..
Saint Expeditus is the patron Saint of Fast Help. He is the perfect Saint to petition when you are i..
Storax is associated with Hecate, Goddess of witchcraft, and her magical arts. It can be used to inv..