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Herbs H
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HAWTHORN (Crataegus  oxacantha)   Folk Names: Bread and Cheese Tree, Gaxels, ..
Herb Healing Herb spell mix 30gm Out Of Stock
An organic herbal mixture that can be used for Charm bags, Potpourri, Ritual Bags, Sachets, and can ..
Heartease can be used to draw love or to give protection. It can also ease grief when a loved one ha..
Heather can be used for protection and to bring good luck.   ..
Hibiscus Flower is recognised as a love herb for making efficient love potions that act as stim..
Folk Names: Aquifolius, Bat's Wings, Christ's Thorn, Holy Tree, Holm Chaste, Hulm, Hulver Bush, Tinn..
Hyssop can be used for purification and cleansing. . ..
High John the Conqueror 1gm Out Of Stock
High John is a powerful herb which can be used for Money, love and success magic. It is also used fo..
Exclusive to The Mystic Moon and made on the premises. This powder has been blended to rid your spac..