Incense Holders

Incense Holders
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Brass incese burner perfect for using with charcoal discs. Measures Approx 13cm ..
These brass charcoal tongs are perfect for holding onto charcoal discs while you light themMeasu..
Black Coloured incense holder featuring a Buddha designMeasures Approx 26cm ..
Silver Coloured incense holder featuring a Buddha designMeasures Approx 26cm ..
Catching The Scent Wolf Incense Holder Out Of Stock
This beautiful wolf sits on the edge of this incense stick burner holder looking into the abyss...
This adorable ceramic Elephant plays on a maple leaf, perfect for holding incense sticks.Measure..
Round ceramic stick holder with delicate floral designMeasures Approx 4cm ..
Cone Holder pentagram round wooden New
Cone Holder pentagram round wooden 10cm diameter. designed for cones and incense this is actually mo..
Design picked at random. Measures Approx 25.5cm X 3.5cm ..
Beautiful hand made goddess incense holderMeasures Approx 25cm ..
Beautiful hand made incense holder measuring approx 28cm ..
An attractive wooden box with brass inlay design contains your incense or cone when lit so that when..
Measures Approx 20cmThis incense holder is made of highly detailed resin. When used with backflo..
This raven ash catcher is highly detailed and hand painted. it makes a great gift for anyone passion..
Red Toadstool Incense Cone Holder Out Of Stock
Light an incense cone, place it inside the toadstool cottage and watch smoke billow out through its ..
Sweet soapstone plate perfect for burning incense cones on.Measures Approx 10cm X 7cm ..