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Passion flower is often used love spells and for protection. It can also bring peace and tranquillit..
Patchouli Love Root Out Of Stock
These patchouli roots are a potent magickal aid in finding love. Use them in ritual magick or add th..
Pau D’arco can be used to increase sexual desire. ..
Peace Herbal Tea. Out Of Stock
PeaceA calming blend of herbs intended to help centre the mind and attain inner peace. This blen..
Periwinkle can be hung around doors and windows to ward of negative influences. ..
Pine resin can be used to increase fertility, wealth and strengh.It can also be used to purify and c..
Pipsissewa can be used to attract money and aid communication with spirits ..
Plantain is protective and it is particularly useful at guarding against jealousy. ..
Poke Root can be used to break hexes and curses by sprinkling it round the home or adding it to bath..