Rough Crystals

Rough Crystals
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Bismuth Egg -12%
These unusual specimens are formed when liquid bismuth is allowed to cool and crystallize inside a c..
£65.50 £57.50
Celestite eases headaches, dissolves pain and treats the eyes and ears. It eases stress and worry an..
Danburite activates the intellect and higher levels of consciousness, which helps you to link to the..
Popular with kids and grown ups alike Dragons eggs come in a variety of stones including Quartz and ..
Fluorite boosts the immune system, enhances creativity and improves communication. It dissolves fixe..
Galena can be carried to ground, bring strengh and courage, it also can be used to counter the effec..
Golden healer quartz is a powerful stone which is gently soothing at the same time. It is a good sto..
Himalayan Herkimers aids astral travel, they are powerful high vibration crystals, that boost p..
Labradorite treats rheumatism, eases pms and lowers blood pressure. It banishes fear and insecurity,..
Price is for approx 6.7g of Limestone ..
Price is for approx 11.7g of Mica ..
Moldavite has a high vibration , it brings good luck and is very good for protection.Price Is ..
Moqui Marbles are also called shaman stones because of there use by ancient Shamans, Shaman Stones m..
Hematite in quartz is a grounding and protective stone that repels negative energy. It balances the ..
Gold can be used to connect to the energy of the sun bringing happiness and joy into your life.B..
In healing Ruby is used to treat the kidneys, bones and joints. It can be used to amplify energy and..
Price is for approx 7.5g of Sandstone ..
Scolecite rough Out Of Stock
Scolecite is one of the high vibration crystals, and is a strong stone to aid communication, especia..