Bracelets with gemstones and crystals for magical protection and healing effects.

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When worn against the skin, such as around a neck or a wrist, amber beads are said to warm and then ..
Amber Baltic Bracelet Elasticated Out Of Stock
WThThe meaning of Amber is cleansing and renewing. With its ancient energy and rich natural warmth, ..
Amazonite helps you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view. It soothes emot..
Amethyst Health | Calms | Hearing | Decision Making Amethyst crystals are a variation of..
Bracelet Amethyst Lavender Out Of Stock
Amethyst reduces bruising and swelling, relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain and can ..
Amethyst Health | Calms | Hearing | Decision Making Amethyst crystals are a variation of quar..
Ametrine is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine and embodies the properties of both stones. ..
Angel Aura Quartz is said to help with insight and connection to the divine and cosmic consciousness..
Angelite alleviates inflammation, repairs tissue and blood vessels and cools the pain of sun bu..
Aquamarine protects against pollutants, reduces stress and promotes self-expression. It deepens medi..
Green Aventurine encourages perseverance, reinforces leadership skills and helps with decision makin..
Bracelet Blue Lace Agate Out Of Stock
Blue lace agate can be used to reduce fever and inflammation; it treats the throat, thyroid and stom..
Botswana agate holds the properties of Agates in general as well as comfort and solution. ..
Carnelian  stimulates the metabolism and stimulates creativity. It removes jealousy a..
Carnelian stimulates the metabolism and stimulates creativity. It removes jealousy and resentme..
A Chakra bracelet, also known as a Chakra Energy Healing Bracelet is usually made up of seven differ..
A lovely bracelet with chunky chips of seven crystals to energise each of the major chakra..
Bracelet Chakra in Silver Out Of Stock
A beautiful Bracelet with faceted crystals in the colours of the seven chakras set in silver wi..
Bracelet Chakra Round Beads Out Of Stock
A lovely bracelet with polished round beads of seven crystals to energise each of the major chakras...
Citrine helps you to be more optimistic and energised as it carries the power of the sun, it tr..