Beeswax Candles


Candles create a very special ambience all of their own even without using them magically

We sell many different types. Candles are very useful in magic as names etc can be scribed on them before use, as well as anointed with magical oils.

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Burn this candle to invoke and honour St GermainMeasures Approx 8cm X 7cm ..
Beeswax CandleYellow Out Of Stock
Measures Approx 10cm ..
This beautiful handmade candle can be burned when you are in need of healing.Measures Approx 8cm..
Consciously crafted sacred lights for the turning of the wheel. Created in white symbolising the God..
Beautiful candle to honour the goddess BastMeasures Approx 8cm X 7cm ..
Long ago our ancestors fashioned sacred images of the Great Mother Goddess. She became a symbol of a..
Goddess Candle 2 Pack Out Of Stock
These beautiful handmade candles make a lovely offering to the goddess.Measures Approx 20cm ..
Burn this candle in memory of a loved oneMeasures Approx 8cm X 7cm ..