Moldavite Products

Moldavite Products


PROPERTIES AND USES Even those not usually sensitive to the energies of stones, often feel the energy due to its immense power.Wearing, or simply holding, a piece of Moldavite can be felt by the wearer throughout the day. It's vibration is very high, so your own vibrational energy will work to match it.

Moldavite is a definite and powerful Chakra opener and activator, particularly resonating with the Heart, 3rd Eye, and Crown Chakras. Although its energy tends to first move to wherever it is most needed in the physical and etheric bodies, it will settle and centre in the heart. Moldavite is a great stone to work with on a personal and collective level in your healing work, practices, and meditations. Its transformative qualities, begins a process of energetic resonance throughout one's entire being, thus raising the vibration.

There are many benefits of this stone, and exposure to it, including, activating the dream state when worn while sleeping, But most importantly, it is a direct link to the Heart Chakra. While wearing Moldavite one actively engages with the heart and it helps to return that beautiful pink glow to your aura that is associated with unconditional love.

SOME HINTS: It might be helpful to mentally prepare, when deciding to wear your Moldavite and you can also help to ground yourself as well by pairing it with other stones such as black tourmaline, smoky quartz, hematite, tiger eye, or whatever stone resonates grounding effects for you.

Moldavite harmonizes well with such stones as quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, tanzanite, larimar, sugililte, and dozens more. It tends to supercharge the energies of whatever stones you pair it with.

Use Moldavite to strengthen and enhance:

• Channelling
• Cosmic consciousness
• Crystal consciousness
• Dimensional travel
• Expansion
• Healing applications
• Heart chakra
• Inner journeys
• Meditation

Moldavite is known by healers and gem lovers across the world for its unusually powerful energetic and mystical properties. Moldavite energies fuse easily with the breath thus moldavite has a reputation for clearing oxygen related illness and discomfort. Others say that because of its high vibration, moldavite can be used to open, clear and balance any chakra. Some have reported people becoming anxious around moldavite; grounding is key to working with higher light stones.

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