Greenmen & Goddess Plaques

To adorn your walls with the Green Man and the Goddess.

The Green Man is used as a symbol of seasonal renewal and ecological awareness. In Wicca, the Green Man has often been used as a representation of the Horned God, a syncretic deity that appropriates aspects of, among others, the Celtic Cernunnos and the Greek Pan.

The Goddess is seen as the Triple Goddess, meaning that she is the maiden, the mother and the crone.

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Ceridwen Wall Plaque This beautiful depiction of Ceridwen, the 'White Sow' or 'White Lady of..
Fabric Wall/Door Hangings Harvest Goddess Out Of Stock
The hanging is beautifully printed on a heavy weight fabric. With a wooden dowel top and bottom...
Millennial Gaia by Oberon Zell. Comes with an infomation booklet describing the artist's process ..
Hand made here in the UK   Cernunnos Sconce Mirror 36 cm -Hook embedded in..
Wall Plaque CERIDWEN Out Of Stock
Cerridwen, as a powerful Underworld Goddess, is the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge, inspiration..
Call on Epona for protection (especially for animals), for fertility of body, mind, and spirit, and ..
Wall Plaque FREYA Out Of Stock
Freyja is said to be the most beautiful goddess in Norse mythology. According to Old Norse literatur..
Wall Plaque HECATE Out Of Stock
Hecate’s scope of divine duties is extensive. She is most notably the goddess of witc..
Lammas is the celebration of Mid-Summer. By celebrating Lammas as a harvest holiday we honour our a..
Wall Plaque LILITH Out Of Stock
Lilith’s themes are freedom, courage, playfulness, passion, pleasure and sexuality.  Her symbol..
Litha, (leetha) also known as Midsummer or the summer solstice, is the longest day of the year. It’s..
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The myth of the Moon Gazing Hare reflects ancient beliefs. Pagans believe that seeing a moon ga..
Pentacles and Pentagrams represent the five elements. Earth, air, fire, water and spirit and is a sy..