Pillar Candles

Candles create a very special ambience all of their own even without using them magically, however we sell many different types. Candles are very useful in magic as names etc can be scribed on them before use as well as anointed with magical oils.

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Crow Pentacle Pillar Candle
Beautiful Pentacle design with a crow on a pillar candle.Approx 10cm tall with a burn time of 27 hou..
Dragons Blood Invoking Jar Candle
Light the candle and recite times three;I call upon the power of three, let spirits arise and appear..
Goddess Of Magic Candle
Goddess Of Magic affirmation candle showing a superb stained glass effect whilst burning. It depicts..
Jupiter Candle
Jupiter represents the principle of hope, faith and vision. It is the personal quest for meaning, th..
Mercury Candle
Burn this candle to aid communication and bring success . Measures approx : 30cm X 3cm Burning..
Moon Candle
The Moon is the closest heavenly body to the Earth. It has always been associated with magic and mys..
Peace Candle
The magical infusion added to this candle contains herbs associated with peace, higher consciousness..
Pillar Candle With Gold Leaf Design
Cream coloured pillar candle with Gold Leaf design Measures Approx 13cm X 8cm ..
Cream coloured pillar candle with Holly design Measures Approx 13cm X 8cm ..
Two Tone Pillar Candle
This candle measures 16cm X 4cm ..
Two Tone Pillar Candle Orange / Red
This candle measures 16cm X 4cm ..
Venus Candle
Venus represents one's attitudes to love and relationships as well as ones own sense of desirability..
Weeping Rose Pillar Candle
A black weeping rose candle with 3 wicks. The candle is red inside and when it starts to burn it dri..
White Pillar Candle Large
Candle Measures Approx 21cm ..
White Pillar Candle Medium
Candle Measures Approx 17cm ..
White Pillar Candle Small
Candle Measures Approx 7cm ..

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