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Hawthorn Berries 2g
Hawthorn Berries can be used to increase fertility so are often found at weddings. They can also be ..
Heartease 2g
Heartease can be used to draw love or to give protection. It can also ease grief when a loved one ha..
Heather Flowers 6g
Heather can be used for protection and to bring good luck.   ..
Hibiscus Flowers 30g
Hibiscus can be burned as an incense to attract love, when placed in water Hibiscus flowers can aid ..
High John Floor Sweep  7.5g
Sprinkle this Floor Sweep on your floors at night and then sweep it out in the morning once to bring..
High John Resin Approx 20g
High John is a powerful herb which can be used for Money, love and success magic. It is also used fo..
Holy Smoke Blasting Powder
Exculsive to The Mystic Moon and made on the premises. This powder has been blended to rid your spac..
Holy Thistle 8g
Holy Thistle can be used to break hexes, and bring wealth. It can also be added to bath water for pr..
Hyssop 12g
Hyssop can be used for purification and cleansing. . ..

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