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Abalone On Silver Pendant
The abalone shell has been a source of magic for thousands of years. Its connection to the sea links..
Amethyst Chakra Heart Pendant
Measures Approx 3cm Amethyst reduces bruising and swelling, relieves physical, emotional and psyc..
Andara Crystal Pendant
Andara's are used to access to higher dimensions of conciousness. They open and cleanse each chakra ..
Baltic Amber Dragonfly Pendant
This beautiful baltic amber dragonfly pendant measures 2cm and 2,5cm wide. Amber is a powerful he..
Bronze Chakra Point Pendant
Measures Approx 4.5cm X 0.5cm ..
Coral Fossil Jasper With Moonstone Pendant
Jasper supports you during prolonged illness and boost the immune system. It stimulates creativity, ..
Fluorite Angel Necklace
Fluorite boosts the immune system, enhances creativity and improves communication. It dissolves fixe..
Goldstone Angel Pendant
Goldstone relieves migraines, helps you to realize your dreams and to not repeat old mistakes and st..
Healing Angel Garnet Pendant
Silver angel pendant decorated with Garnet. Garnet stimulates the metabolism, sharpens your percepti..
Hematite Skull Pendant
Hematite Skull Pendant measuring 4cm X 2cm ..
Herkimer Diamond And Meteorite Pendant
Labradorite treats rheumatism, eases pms and lowers blood pressure. It banishes fear and insecurity,..
Labradorite Pendant
Labradorite treats rheumatism, eases pms and lowers blood pressure. It banishes fear and insecurity,..
Lapis Lazuli Pendant
Lapis lazuli alleviates pain and eases migraines and insomnia. It treats depression, releases stress..
Larimar Sphere Pendant
Beautiful Larimar sphere set in silver. Measures Approx 0.5cm ..
Larimar Sun Pendant
Stunning Larimar Sun set in silver. Measures Approx 2cm ..
Larimar Tear Drop Pendant
Simple but striking Larimar tear drop set in silver. Measures Approx 1cm ..
Lepidolite Pendant
Pendant measures 3.5cm Lepidolite eases exhaustion and strengthens the immune system. It brings c..
Meteorite And Golden Pyrite On Silver Pendant
Meteorite brings peace and calm making it a great stone for meditation. It aids communication and in..
Moonstone Goddess Pendant
Moonstone balances male and female energies, enhances psychic abilities and promotes intuition and e..
Onyx Drop Pendant
Onyx increases confidence, eases grief and alleviates fear. It brings strength and provides support ..

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