Pentagram Pendants

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Baphomet Pentagram Pendant
Very popular heavy weight sterling silver Baphomet Pentagram pendant Measures Approx. 4cm X 3cm ..
Blessed Be Pentagram Pendant
Blessed Be double sided sterling silver pentagram pendant. On one side the 'Blessed Be' text is writ..
Celtic Moon Pentagram Pendant
Beautifully detailed Celtic Lunar Priestess Pentagram. Measures Approx. 3cm ..
Pendant Bronze Goddess Holding Pentagram With Garnet
Garnet stimulates the metabolism, sharpens your perception and helps you let go of obsolete ideas. I..
Pentagram Bell Charm Pendant
Wonderful sterling silver Bell bracelet charm complete with a clapper! The Bell also has a Pentagram..
Pentagram Charm Pendant
Silver pentagram charm measuring approx 1cm ..
Pentagram Hare Pendant
Sterling silver hare pentacle pendant measuring approx.4cm ..
Pentagram Pendant Crescent Moon
Sterling Silver Pendant measuring approx. 2cm ..
Pentagram Pendant With Rainbow Enamel
Sterling Silver Pendant measuring approx. 2.5cm ..
Pentagram Runic Pendant
A silver pentagram pendant with engraved rune symbols. By combining the pentagram and the runic symb..
Pentagram With Brooms Pendant
Beautifully detailed brooms of the elders pentagram. This pentagram is double sided. Measures App..
Pewter Pentagram Pendant Measuring Approx 1.5cm ..
Raven Pentagram Pendant
This beautiful pendant depicts a raven and a pentagram Measures approx 2.5cm ..
Silver Elfin Pentagram Pendant
Sterling Silver Elvin Protection Pentagram necklace Measures Approx 2cm   ..
Silver Goddess Holding Pentagram With Moonstone
This sterling silver Pentagram Goddess pendant is a simple, clean line representation of the Goddess..
Silver Goddess Pendant With Amethyst
Measures Approx 5cm ..
Silver Goddess Pentagram Pendant
Silver pentagram pendant with goddess design Measures Approx 2cm ..
Silver Lunar Goddess Pentagram Pendant
Silver pentagram pendant with lunar goddess design Measures Approx: 2cm ..
Silver Moon Pendant With Pentagram Charm
Measures Approx 2.5cm With 3.5cm Drop ..
Silver Pentagram Athame Pendant
A sterling silver pendant with an Athame laying on top of a pentagram. The pendant is 3cm X 2.5cm ..

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