Space Aromas

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Clairvoyance Space Aroma
This Space Aroma is intended to assist those who use their intuition and psychic abilities to unders..
Crystal Cleansing Space Aroma
This blend contains oils that are traditionally associated with purification and protection. Add a f..
Energy Space Aroma
A pungent blend of oils to spark tired minds and bodies. Use this potent Space Aroma for an extra bo..
Greenman  Space Aroma
The green man is the male aspect of the life-force, the  vitality and fertilizing principle tha..
Health Space Aroma
In a holistic sense, true health is a state of wholeness, of equilibrium between mind, body and spir..
Phoenix Space Aroma
The mythical phoenix symbolizes the power of resurrection. Like the Sun-God, who dies each night and..
Prosperity Space Aroma
The material world, which we manifest around us, is an expression of the flow of cosmic energy. This..
Protection Space Aroma
Not only the material world is full of danger - the spiritual path too has many pitfalls and perils...
Purification Space Aroma
Negative vibrations abound in many places and the aura easily picks them up - just like dust off the..
Unicorn Space Aroma
Use this Space Aroma to attune to the pure source of the creative energy embodied by the Unicorn. ..

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