Tumble Aventurine Brown

Tumble Aventurine Brown
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Brown aventurine gets its coloring from hematite and/or goethite. It provides grounding through connecting us energetically to the Earth. When feeling scattered, it will support one to "pull it back together". It also alleviates anxiety and panic attacks--in essence it helps us to remain centered and true to self. This crystal targets the base and earth (or earth star) chakras.

As well, this stone aids those who have trouble committing to task or who lack long term dedication to task; some use it to find items that they've misplaced. Other matters it can help with include: inspiring patience, healing pets, and to facilitate knowledge retention for those older in age. Furthermore, brown aventurine brings about feelings of comfort and stability, the same way that grounding in a natural setting or a garden would.A

As it pertains to drawing wealth, fortune, and abundance, the effects of brown aventurine are subtle, they work slowly and dependably to create improvement over extended periods of time. It is said to be beneficial to have on hand when dealing with material issues, such as selling a house or other property. If you're planning to build, it's said to support the effort.

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