Potion Bottles

Potion Bottles
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Perfect for storing herbs or incense.Measures Approx 8cm X 6.5cm ..
Price is for 6 Green Glass BottlesMeasures Approx 5cm X 2cm ..
Measures Approx 10cm X 10cm ..
A clear glass bottle with a metal Owl charm.Measures Approx: 13cm X 5.5cm ..
Owl Love Potion Bottle Out Of Stock
This stunning glazed ceramic potion bottle is suitable for holding liquids and is perfect for your l..
This bottle measures 4cm X 0.5cm ..
Potion Bottle Pendant Out Of Stock
This bottle measures 3.5cm X 1cm ..
This bottle measures 3cm X 2cm ..
Great for potions, poisons, oils, herbs, beads,, etc.Measures Approx 3.5cm X 1cm ..
Great for potions, poisons, oils, herbs, loose incense, beads, elixirs, gemstones, etc.Measures ..
Measures 10" long with leather strap.Please note colouring and markings on the horn may vary fro..
This bottle measures 2cm X 1cm ..