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This candle comes in a clear glass jar with a single wick. Burn to bring good luck and prosperity in..
A Solomon Seal or Star of David surrounds a lucky horse shoe. The Seal is the 4 elements: Earth, Air..
Change bad luck to good. Use Indio's Spirit of Good Luck Bath and Floor Wash for luck, money, power ..
Use to transform your luck. MAY CONTAIN LATEX8 fl. oz. (236ml). ..
Brass Tingsha Bells Lucky Signs 5.9cm -12%
The Tibetan Tingsha (or hanging cymbal) are traditionally used by Tibetan Monks for healing and medi..
£33.60 £29.50
Clover Pocket Stone Amulet -10%
A favorite token of good luck, the four leaf clover, has been engraved in this pocket stone. Carry i..
£11.95 £10.75
Aura variety incense sticks. Handcrafted of the high quality charcoal based incense sticks are perfe..
Burn this incense to attract luck ..
Tumble Connemara Marble Out Of Stock
Connemara marble treats headaches and colds and reduces inflammation. It helps soothe nerves before ..
Use this Voodoo Charm to receive and hold good fortune. Brigitte is a wise old Loa, who can use her ..