S/C Grain Incense Autumn Equinox

S/C Grain Incense Autumn Equinox
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21st September

Gone are the lazy summer days. Autumn is knocking on the door. With a last burst of exuberance the sun paints the leaves for a festive display before its final decline. Autumn equinox is a time to get busy - bringing in the last of the harvest and preserving it for the lean times to come. Now is the time of reckoning - for we shall reap as we sowed. For the moment there is plenty, a cornucopia of fruit to be grateful for and to celebrate with a harvest feast - but will it last through the dark half of the year. Autumn equinox is a day of equilibrium - night and day hold their balance - but tomorrow the dark forces are beginning to win the upper hand.

Autumn Equinox is a time to celebrate the harvest and the abundant gifts of the earth. It is a time to reflect and be grateful for that which nourishes and sustains us.

Magical Collections
Water ~ Feeling, sensitivity, psychic powers, receptivity, imagination, emotion, nurture, wisdom, love.

Place a self-igniting charcoal disc on a fire-proof surface. The charcoal disks can be ignited simply by holding a match or lighter to the rim. When the entire disc is glowing red hot it is ready to use and you can place a little pinch of incense on top

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