Calcite Lemon

Calcite Lemon
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Lemon Calcite Metaphysical Properties

It heals the solar plexus chakra of any ailments related to the energy dimension. It also activates the core, which helps the body absorb more energy from the universe. By healing your solar plexus chakra, it sets you on a path of introspection and self-discovery.

Lemon Calcite energy resonates in the gut and slowly begin to expand outwards in all directions, specifically our physical and emotional bodies. Lemon Calcite sets us on a path of self examination, focus, confidence and determination levels. This subconscious action allows one to become more aware of what it is that needs to be worked on and addressed.  Through deep meditation, one will be able to continuously work on these much needed traits. Focusing on these aspects can fundamentally change the person you become, as well as the course in which your heading.

Approx 3cm Price is for ONE tumble

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