Book Moldavite Magic Baal Kadmon

Book Moldavite Magic	Baal Kadmon
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If there is one thing we all have in common is that we live on this great planet we call home. We often do not sit and reflect at the immensity of this planet. We take it for granted. Our days are so packed with activity and busy work that we forget where we come from. Very few people today can detach even for a moment to realize the miracle of existence on this great planet. According to both science and religion, life on this planet is a miracle, perhaps a fluke. No matter what you want to call it, that life exists here at all is amazing. Here we are, on a spinning rock that is hurtling through an ever expansive universe. It just boggles the mind, doesn't it? What is even more mind boggling is that everything is teeming with life. Even inanimate objects aren't dead; their atomic structure is alive with energy. An energy we can use for magickal purposes. This energy is vibrating on certain frequencies, just like our own selves. These frequencies allow us to interact with everything that is around us. One of the best conduits of this earthly energy are crystals. In this book we will discuss how to use crystals in magick, but not only that, we will use Mantras as well to add extra energy to the crystals. I will explain why the two together are so effective. In this volume we will discuss a certain specific crystal, and the crystals is called Moldavite. It's by far the most powerful crystal you can buy. We will go through several rituals involving Moldavites and mantras. But first, let us discuss Crystals, mantras and moldavites in general. After that, we will put it all together.

We will use Moldavite and Mantra Magick for the following:
magickal purposes:

To attract Money
To Compel someone to be attracted to you
To promote physical healing
To enhance your psychic powers and hidden knowledge
To Control spiritual entities

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